This site is here to share old-school practical information on places that the travel books don’t cover very well.


Trip reports

Flores – Labuanbajo to Moni by public bus
East Nusa Tenggara ASDP Ferries

Sabah – Kinabatangan River and Sukau on the cheap
Sabah – Kinabalu National Park Trails

..[later] Bangkok Klong taxis
Hat Yao, Trang
Trang Town
Khanom Beaches and Sichon Beaches
Ko Libong, Trang
Ko Lipe Updates Nov 2011
Laem Than Yong Po, Satun


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This site was last updated: November 2016


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  1. This blog is fantastic! So informing and a great travel guide!!! Many thanks, Bella x

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