Indonesian Visa from Singapore

Getting an Indonesian Tourist Visa from the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore.

Getting there: 7 Chatsworth Road.Map.

It’s about 10-15 minutes walk South-West from Orchard MRT station. Bus 75 (to Bt Panjang Int.) stops nearby (at the stop for “lucky towers” apartments), or there is a taxi stand outside. The embassy is in a red-brick compound. Approaching from the West, it’s the third entrance gate.

Hours: Applications: 0900-1200 Collection: 3pm – 5pm. They said they are open on Saturdays, but the website says Monday-Friday only.

Turnaround time: 2 working days.

Price: 65 Singapore Dollars (no other currency accepted). Pay cashier when applying. The price is the same for your first or your Nth visa.

Form:Application form

A few points of note on the specimen (completed) form : Visa approval: ‘No’ is checked; Number of visa approval: NIL is entered; 9 other useful info, (a) other countries travel doc: NO is checked; (b) return, through ticket: is completed with flight details

Possibility for second application: Sure, no problem. Can’t even understand why you are asking, sir.

Website: Home
Navigate on the site to Services > Foreign Services. The Tourist Visa Page was last updated 14 August 2009, but all the information seems to still be valid. Update September 2012:  The old website was hacked/defunked. I have updated the link to point to the new website, but I can’t immediately see any information on it about tourist visas.

Other: Take another form of ID with you (as well as your passport), you will have to leave your secondary id at the security desk as deposit to get a visitors pass which you need to enter the embassy grounds, or as the sign says: “Kindly Issue any card with your name printed on it as a verification. Examples: Driving Licence, Membership Card etc. (No Business Card Please)”.

There are no obvious dress restrictions in place.

List of requirements & prices for all types of visa.

There are photocopying facilites, photo-booths and a restaurant inside the embassy grounds.


Written: Jul 2011   Last Updated: Sept 2012


3 responses to “Indonesian Visa from Singapore

  1. I just want to get the application form for Indonesian Visa (woking visa). So difficult to found in this website, anybody can help.

  2. @ Aug 2012
    It seems like the domain/old website homepage for the embassy has been hacked and replaced with a casino advertisement. Interestingly the (old) link for the visa application form still works (which is on the same domain) still works.

    This one seems valid for the embassy homepage:

    Thanks for pointing it out. (But I know nothing about working visas!)

  3. I found another up to date blog post it seems even from that post that the dress code is no longer an issue! Back in the days was a bit of a problem! Enjoy Indonesia

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