Myanmar Visa from Kuala Lumpur

Getting a Myanmar Tourist Visa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Note:  As-of 14 October 2013, Myanmar Tourist visas are no longer being issued at the Embassy, but at the travel agency Ever Fine Travel and Tour near Masjid Jamek  (about 1 km North of  Chinatown).

Address: 19-21 M-Floor Jalan Tun Perak 50000.  email:;

Here’s the flyer they hand out at the embassy:

Myanmar Visa Flyer 2014

Some more detail in this helpful blog. (Although the Happy Holiday/Coffeebox shopfront in their photo has since changed.  It is now (@ December 2014) a modern food court (Killiney Kopitiam Hub) in  bright orange). Update at 2016: it is now a KFC.

Going to travel agencies for visas always sounds a bit dodgy, but I have verified that this is all true.  The Embassy decided to outsource the operation.

Also notable is that with the opening of land borders between Thailand and Myanmar, you STILL need a flight ticket into and out of Myanmar when applying for a visa in KL.  If you want to get a visa without having an air ticket, you will have to apply in Bangkok, not KL.

The old ‘how to get to the embassy’ stuff (below) is now redundant, but I’ll leave it there in case things change again.


Getting there: The Myanmar Embassy is at 8C Jalan Ampang Hilir 55000 tel: 603 425 15595

Ampang Park LRT. There are two exits which bring you up on the two different sides of the road (Jalan Ampang). The exit on the left as you come up the escalators brings you out on the correct (South) side of the road, but it doesn’t really make that much difference.

Head East along Jalan Ampang (hint, the sun rises in the East). You should pass a big McDonalds on the left and then cross over the 6 lane Jalan Tun Razak. Keep going East for about ten minutes walk, past the Embassies for China on the right; France, Spain and Thailand on the left, until you go under an elevated pedestian bridge, then past a crazy steakhouse on the right (Victoria Station) (it has a train sticking out the side of it). 50m after the Steakhouse, turn right just after residential towerblock, Lanson Place.

Walk 200m to the roundabout, take the first (left) exit from it and the Myanmar Embassy is the first gate on the left. The visa gate isn’t marked and is a bit of a melee (pic). If you reach the sign for the embassy (pic), you’ve gone to far.

Inside the gates, tourist visas are processed on the right side. Residents join the massive crowd on the left.

Ask for an application form at the window. There are different forms depending on what you are applying for.


– passport (with 6 months validity, IIRC)

-two passport photos (for me they just took a scan of the photo; embedded the image on the visa printout and gave me back one of the photos when I collected the visa),

-copy of the data page of your passport on A4 paper

-cash in MYR

– If you are going for the express service (2 working days), you have to supply flight printouts (tickets/itineries); but that seems to be just to support the urgency of your request – ordinary turnaround timers don’t need to show flight info.

Piccy of requirements list. Flight tickets only needed for express service.

Hours: Application 0930-1230; Collection 1600-1700. The collection date and time is noted on your receipt.

Turnaround time: They say five working days for standard, but mine was Tuesday morning to Friday afternoon (Nov 2011).

The sign for the Express service says 2 working days. Some people ahead of me were pushing for a next day turnaround, as they had flights booked for the day after. Their application was accepted, but they had to have the tickets as proof of the urgency. I  don’t know the outcome, but I wouldn’t risk cutting it that fine, myself.

Price: 80MYR for standard (5 working days); 150 for express (2 working days)

Form: Pretty straightforward. Ask for it at the window as there are different forms for the different types of visa on offer. Don’t put your occupation as a journalist, especially if you aren’t one.

Other: There doesn’t seem to be any photocopying facilites or photo-booths in the immediate area. I have read that you can get pictures taken at the KL Convention Centre (KLCC) about 2km West of the Embassy.

The visa-clock starts ticking when you enter Myanmar. You get 28 days. You have to enter Myanmar within 3 months of getting the visa, otherwise it expires.


Written: November 2011                                   Last updated: April 2015


13 responses to “Myanmar Visa from Kuala Lumpur

  1. Thanks for your detailed instructions! We just dropped our passports off today. For anyone else interested, it seems the embassy has improved its process and regular turnaround (80) is now three days and express is same day (150). The whole thing was quick and easy.

  2. Hi there, Yes, thanks also, perfect instructions. I can add that there is actually a photocopier and a guy doing passport photos in the canteen at the embassy compound. The reason I know this is because our photos were rejected for being too small and with a grey (not white) background. We had to pay 12RM for 4 new photos each. They were however ready in 10 minutes and the guy allowed us to jump the queue to complete our application. The photocopier is in the same place and I think it was around 0.15 sen per copy. How busy the machine is I reckon it paid itself off within 2 or 3 days!

  3. Great directions, thank you! I just dropped my passport off today- and it looks like I should get it back tomorrow and cost 110 RM. They also did not require a photocopy of my ticket–just the 2 passport photos, photocopy of the first page of my passport, the original passport, and the cash!

  4. Having searched all day for evisas etc for myanmar i have found this info and its brilliant – thank you! one question – i will need the express service as I only have 2 days in KL, but i haven’t booked my myanmar flights yet because i wanted to make sure i could get the visa first – must i still show flight itineraries to get the express service?

    • Hi

      I can’t say for certain, but some people have reported success without the flight tickets, yes.

      But it’s highly unlikely that you will be refused a visa, so why not buy the flights anyway.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I dropped off my application last Friday morning and picked it up Monday afternoon. It was pretty straightforward. The price was 110 RM. I didn’t have an urgent need but it was turned around the next business day though it was over a weekend. Note to anyone trying to get a visa in Singapore instead that you need to be a Singapore citizen or resident (immigration card, student pass, etc.). They wouldn’t process my application (USA citizen living in USA) and told me to go to Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok instead.

  6. so, does it mean that there is no e-visa or online visa facility for Myanmar & one has to be there physically???

    • Hi
      No there is no e-visa or online visa facility. There used to be a ‘visa on arrival’ (but it wasn’t actually ‘just show up on a plane and we’ll give you a visa at the airport’, you still had to apply in advance, you were just collecting the visa *stamp* at the airport on arrival); but anyway they suspended that (twice!). You can probably find some agencies on google who would tell you they can still do VOA for you, but I would be very suspicious about handing over money to them . . .

  7. For those who want to save a trip to embassy, you can do it online. There is a new pre-approved visa on arrival service which you can consider – check out this trusted visa agent

    • Readers should note that that last post was made by the agency that provides the visa service. I wouldn’t usually allow advertising in the comments, but I am tentatively letting that one through in case it is useful. Note that it has not been independently verified and that there are probably dozens of other agencies that provide a similar service.

  8. For visa Do Not go to Myanmar embassy. They do not issue tourist visa anymore. They have handed over to private travel company called Ever Fine Services located between Chinatown and Little India. Cost 110MYR plus 30 MYR for service. It takes one working day.

  9. The main post has been updated to reflect the new arrangements

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