Indonesian Visa from Bangkok

The Indonesian embassy is on Petchaburi Road / Thanon Petchaburi, just West of tech mall, Panthip.

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Is easy to reach by BTS skytrain – the nearest station is Ratchathewi, take exit 4 from the station, turn left at the bottom of the steps and head North towards the junction of Thanon Petchaburi (100m). Turn right at the junction and walk another 500m and you’ll come to the embassy on the right, total walking time 5 – 10 minutes. Enter by the small gate marked “visas” which takes you to the visa office where you can pickup the application form and complete it in the air-conditioned comfort of the office (bring a pen).


If you are coming at it from the Khao San Road area, you can get a number 15 bus. Get on the number 15 on Chak Khrapong Road (near the big Wat on the West end of KSR) and follow your way on a map east past the Democracy Monument, the Golden Mountain, the National Stadium and Siam Paragon shopping centre. Jump off at the Erawan Shrine (the junction of Rama I and Ratchadamri, about 400m after the Siam Paragon). The bus will turn right, headed south down Ratchadamri, you turn left and walk north up Ratchadamri, over the canal then turn left (West) along Phetchaburi Road and it’s another 5 minutes walk to the Indonesian embassy (immediately after the Panthip Plaza shopping centre on your left).



You can also come by Khlong taxi . From Khao San Road, walk a block South then East. Get on the boat here and ask for the fare to Pratunam (about 10 Baht). Look out for the signs at the boat stops.  The signs say the name of the current stop and the next stop in Thai and English. It is about 5 five stops to Pratunam. At Pratunam, climb the stairs up to the road, turn right and walk 30m North to the road junction, then turn left and it’s 5-7 mins walk West along Phetchaburi Road. If you get lost, ask for Panthip plaza – it is next door.

Other notables:

There is a brass plaque at the visa gate with the opening hours. It says
0900-1200 and xxx-1500. Many embassies have a system where new applications are accepted in the morning session and visas can be collected in the afternoon session (a couple of days later). I assume that is what is going on here. The “xxx” on the plaque originally said 1300, but this has been covered up a note written in felt-tip pen which has run in the rain, so you can’t read it. My collection slip said I had to collect the visa from 1400-1500. Presumably that is the standard time-of-day for collections.

The tourist visa application form says that you have to fill out two copies. This doesn’t seem to be true, they are happy with one copy.

There are signs up saying that they ONLY accept payments in US dollars, no other currency accepted.

It is 45 USD for a 60 day tourist visa and still Monday AM- Weds PM turnaround time

If you’re applying for a visa, don’t stress too much over getting there early. The lines aren’t that long and they are open all morning.

Written: 2012                Last updated: 2012


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