Thailand Visa from Kuala Lumpur

Thai Visa in Kuala Lumpur

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Visa applications are only accepted in the mornings.

Get yourself to KL’s Ampang Park LRT station (on the red line, one stop (North) East from the Convention Centre (KLCC)/Petronas Towers).

From the station, there are two exits which bring you up on the two different sides of the road (Jalan Ampang). At the top of the main escalators, after the ticket barrier gates, turn right and go along the little subway before taking the last escalator up to emerge on the correct (North) side of the road.

At surface level, head East along Jalan Ampang (hint, the sun rises in the East!). You should soon pass a big McDonalds on the left and then cross over the 6 lane highway, Jalan Tun Razak. If you hit a bunch of little ‘skyscrapers’ with the names of banks on them, you are going the wrong way. Go East for about 500 metres, past the Embassies for France and Spain on the left and you will reach the creamy white walls of the Thai embassy, also on the left.
Visa_ThaiKL_02_P3062083_Front Gate.JPG

If you can’t walk 500m, there are public buses ( ?300 303 U26 U30?), but it is hardly worth the wait.

Sign-in at the embassy’s security booth and collect your blank application forms; go through the (wrong) turnstyle; then across the courtyard and into the main building. Take (both parts of) a ticket from the machine on your right, then fill-in your form and wait for your number to come up.  Note that you need _two_ photos.

The embassy in KL is not as easy-going as it used to be.  The last time I went (@ end 2016), they had signs up at the counter windows saying that tourist visa (and transit visas) needed Return tickets and a Hotel Reservation. You don’t have to jump through such hoops in Penang.

Along with the application form, you are given a checklist of requirements, which again says Return Tickets and Hotel Bookings required. The notes about Hotel Bookings say that you need hotel bookings for *every day* of your stay in Thailand.

When I pushed the issue at the counter, they said that Return tickets were essential, but that bus tickets would be good enough (presumably _onward_ tickets would also be OK).  You can buy return bus tickets for KL/Hat Yai online.

They didn’t seem to care about the Hotel Reservations.

A tourist visa costs 150MYR.

Collection is next (working) day afternoon.  Keep your receipt as you will need it to get in the front gate and to collect your passport.

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Originally Written:  October 2011     Last Updated:  September 2016


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