Laem Than Yong Po and Hat Sai Yao

Laem Than Yong Po (แหลมศันหยงโป ) is a small peninsula and Hat Sai Yao (หาดทรายยาว) is a beach at the end of it, about 25km North West of  Satun, South Thailand.

I like the South and I like a quiet beach, so when I found an old, old  edition of a famous guide book saying..” fascination of the fishermens’ village and a powdery, white sand beach fringed with a large area of coconut grove” …well it had to go on my list of places to check out.

Before investing in a motorbike rental, I asked a couple of locals in Satun about the place before heading out there. They looked incredulous, saying that there were some good cheap seafood restaurants there, but it definitely wasn’t a sandy beach and was I sure I had the right place?

I went anyway.

I wonder if dear old Joe ever went there. The text seems to come from the TAT and has been copied-pasted onto tourism sites all around the internet. If it ever had “powdery, white sand”, it sure doesn’t anymore.

There are a couple of small bays that have some granules of charm, and the local seafood restaurants are there alright, but, overall, the place looks like it has been stripped of it’s golden cloak and is standing there embarrassed, naked as a, err, sandboy.

Best bits:



I couldn’t recommend making a special trip out there.

They say that the seafood is really good and really cheap. I was there at 10am and nowhere was open yet, so I can’t comment on that. If you are going out there for the seafood, take a drive around the loop road that goes the 5km around the head of the cape and passes by some quiet coastal spots. There are views of Ko Tarutao and Ko Langkawi in the distance. There is also a local Muslim fishing village to have a nose round.

To get there, take the main road south out of Satun (the 4183 thatgoes to Thammalang Pier) and about 800m after the 7-11, take a right onto the 4051 (it’s on a crossroads with traffic light and is signposted with the route number). The 4051 goes to Che Bi Lang Pier (ท่าเรือเจ๊ะบิลัง), you will see a few signs for it as you wind your way through the local villages. Keep going for about 10km until you see the blue (national) and then white (local) road signs for the 3022 and take a left onto it. Go for a few more km until you come to an unmarked T-junction.  It doesn’t matter which way you go, as the road goes round in a circle and ends up back where you started.  The beach is about halfway round.

Motorbike rental was from On’s expat bar and restaurant (see town map) – 250B a day. Also, there’s a Dutch guy in town who used to run a bar two doors down from the Rian Thong Hotel. The bar is closed now, but apparently the Dutch fella still rents out motorbikes and can contacted via the Ang Lee Hotel (see town map).

Some websites say you can get to the beach by ferry down the river from behind the day market in Satun town.  I’m pretty certain that this is no longer the case.  There are plenty of motorcycle taxis around Satun who will take you there for a couple of hundred Baht.

ed: There’s a website for Satun.  The front page is in Thai, but many of the links on the left-side point to articles in English about local tourist spots.

Written Feb 2011 . Last updated Feb 2011


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