Thailand visa from Kota Bharu

Here are a few pointers about visiting the Thai Consulate in Kota Bharu (“KB”), North East peninsular Malaysia.

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The consulate is located a few hundred meters East of downtown on Jalan Pengkalan Chepa. It is easliy walkable from downtown.

I believe that there is also a bus (Number 4) from the Jalan Bandar bus station, but it is hardly worth the wait, when it is such a short walk.

Walk past the long white wall on the right and go into the visa office, just after (East of) the wall.

– – –

Kota Bharu (KB) is not the most easy-going of Thai Consulates.  You should have no problem if you are just looking for your first/second tourist visa or if you haven’t had one for a year or two, but anybody looking for back-to-back, repeated tourist visas shouldn’t bother trying here.

– – –

Apply in the morning, collect next (working) day afternoon.

They work to the Muslim weekend:
Open: Sun-Thurs  0900-1200; 1400-1530
Closed: Friday, Saturday


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Originally written: 2012   Last updated: 2016


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